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Date of conferenceDecember 10, 2018

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Dr. Kazuo Ishii


Graduate School of Life Science and Systems Engineering, Department of Human Intelligence Systems

Speech Title: Sample Return from Deep Ocean

Abstract: Underwater robot is one of the important research tools to explore deep-sea where high pressure, darkness, radio attenuation prevent humans from direct access. In particular, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) attract attentions because of their possibility. As the next generation AUV, we have been developing a Sampling-AUV that can dive into deep-sea and bring back marine creatures to understand marine ecosystem. In the mission scenario of the Sampling-AUV, the AUV is required to transmit the deep-sea floor images to the scientists on the research ship using acoustic communication, and the scientists select the marine creatures to pick up, and ask the AUV to sample them. Then the AUV returns to the area where the interesting marine creatures are observed, and collects and bring back the samples. In order to realize the mission scenario, the sea-floor images should be enhanced to assist the judgment of scientist. Moreover, the underwater acoustic communication is slow and inaccurate, the AUV has to select interesting images that will include marine lives. We show the results of sea trials of sampling.


IEEE Digital Xplore

IEEE Digital Xplore The Accepted papers only in IRANOPEN International Conference will be submitted for inclusion in IEEE Digital Xplore.

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Extended Deadline

Paper Submission Deadline extended to November 02th 2018.

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Conference Prizes

QIAU will award prizes to the corresponding authors of ten top articles submitted for the 9th conference on artificial intelligence and robotics and the 2nd Asia-Pacific international symposium. The prizes including the free transportation (as a round-trip ticket) to Kish island for participating in the conference.

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